7 Steps to Accepting What You Can't Change

Learn how to radically accept your reality without liking it, agreeing with it or feeling good about it.



With This Roadmap You'll Discover...

 How to stop fueling the negative energy that is keeping you broken and discouraged

  What to do when you are unable to fix or change what has happened 

  How to stop adding suffering to your pain and live through life’s circumstances as they are

 How to cope with a crisis in a new way and do whatever you need to do from where you are 


Hey there, I'm DeShawn.

I’m a Transformation Coach that specializes in helping women use adversity to catapult their confidence, awaken their soul, and radically transform.

After my divorce, I found myself broken and stuck. When I decided to do the work to fight for my life, I understood that my trials and tribulations were not a punishment, but part of my destiny.

It is now my heart's desire to disrupt the negative patterns women go through after experiencing a major life transition or extreme adversity. I can facilitate your journey of personal growth and emotional healing, step by step, by sharing the strategies that took me nearly a decade to master to help shorten your learning curve.


The results speak for themselves...

Dante Corbin

DeShawn, your course has been a beacon of light that came at the right time. During this pandemic I’ve reflected on my life and on goals I’d put on hold. For so long I was committed to improving the lives of others, as I neglected the things I wanted to do for myself. Thank you for the course, as it has given me the desire to more forward. 

Dawn Camarda

DeShawn had a practical, soft, and rational approach to bringing me from a point in my life that I never thought I could make better, to the other side where I truly blossomed into the person I dreamed of becoming. Since she shared her real life trials and tribulations, I felt as though she truly understood pain and fear of uncharted waters. 

Brandi Jay

My experience working with DeShawn was absolutely incredible. I’m so pleased that we have been able to get me unstuck in some areas of my life. I feel so much better that I am able to accelerate my life in a new direction. I feel more optimistic about my future.

Stop fighting reality and accept life on life's terms today!